Top Tipps für Verkäufer!

Preparing your property for sale

Preparing your property for photos and viewing is important. We’ve listed the following tips to help you present your property at its best:

  • De-clutter: Put away personal belongings where possible for the sale period in order to visually create more space and enable potential buyers to see the best of your property. The two most important places to have clutter-free are the kitchen and bathrooms. Removing clutter helps buyers envision themselves at home in the property while also creating the feeling of more space, a key requirement for most buyers! Ask a friend or Benigest to help you detect which items would be best to put away.
  • DIY: Its a good idea to take care of any stains, leaks, or damages. Repair and repaint where necessary to add value and make your property more appealing. Buyers want a property not a project! If you are not sure about the colour, white is best as it is versatile and makes rooms appear larger. Check windows and doors, give it an oil spray if necessary, and ensure they are opening and closing smoothly.
  • Refresh: Have a look at the outside of your property, does it look appealing, or tired and faded? Remember, the first impression a buyer has is the outside of your home. So sprucing up the garden and adding a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.
  • Odours: Another important point to have in mind is the odour of your home. The smell of smoke or animals can be off-putting to potential buyers. Be sure to air your property regularly, keep any smoking outside, and be aware of any lingering food odours. You could also use carpet and upholstery sprays to combat unwanted smells and give your property a fresh appeal.
  • Price: The selling price is the last but not least important aspect that will help us to sell your property. We collaborate with many agencies and advertise your property on different portals in order to get the most potential buyers to view, so putting a reasonable price on your property helps us and our collaborators to appeal to more clients.
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